American Idol Finalist / Broadway Star

Todd Dulaney

Grammy Award Nominated Worship Artist


Randy is the best! He's a humble, professional, hard working man of faith that puts his clients first, and as a young publicist, he's always willing to learn from others with more experience. He is excellent at implementing strategy and he gets results. That's what we all want. As the first celebrity he met when he was twelve years old, I'm very proud to see what he's grown into as a man, publicist, and friend

 - Malik Yoba

Randy C. Bonds is such a pleasure to work with. He really believes in his clients and always goes the extra mile to get the job done. He is an amazing publicist and business man, and with his infectious smile and pure energy it makes it that much easier to work with him.

-Syesha Mercado

Working with Randy C. Bonds has really allowed me to see how hard publicists work for their clients. He is truly one of the hardest workers in the business. Your name will be known around the world if Randy has anything to do with it.

- Todd Dulaney




Randy has a gift of being able to see potential in someone, act on it and push a client to their best, while keeping an open mind and always finding room to grow. That's what he's done for me since stepping into the industry, hungry and eager to make his mark. I became his first client and he my first publicist, both at 19 years old. We have been working together ever since. Its such a privilege to have someone who fights and believes in his clients the way that Randy does. I have seen so much growth in him personally and with his business endeavors, I know he's on the right path to continued success, and know that we will conquer many other obstacles together in the future! Thank you Randy! 

-Ashley Everett


Sunday Best Season 6 Winner &

Fo Yo Soul Gospel Recording Artist

Randy is such a kind thoughtful person. He has a huge heart for people and he represents God all the way. I had a wonderful experience working with Randy Bonds.

- Tasha Page-Lockhart


Finalist from Team Pharrell on

NBC The Voice Season 9

Randy C. Bonds is the man! Completely professional, trustworthy and just a great person to work with. He gets the job done. Randy Bonds' word is BOND!

- Mark JP Hood


Celeste Betton

Finalist from Team Pharrell on
NBC The Voice Season 9

Randy often goes above and beyond the call of duty for me as a Publicist...not because he has to, but because he truly believes in me and is invested in my overall success as an artist. I have never ever been made to feel like just another client, but family! 

- Celeste Betton


Award Winning Broadway Actor


Randy Bonds is a strong, dedicated, innovative leader. I'm honored to work with him and call him a friend. He is observant, insightful and ever evolving. He surrounds himself with good people and has a strong network. If he believes in you, he will stick by you during the rough times. Not many people are like that. He's definitely a person you would want on your team.

- Chester Gregory


Celebrity Make-Up Artist

When the name Randy C Bonds comes to mind... I think of a professional that operates in the spirit of excellence.  He has been a great source in my makeup artistry career for celebrity industry greats. He has offered great tips and golden nuggets, and carries himself with dignity and integrity. I am grateful that our paths have crossed. He has shaped iCannye Artistry into the direction of spreading my wings and soaring.

- Candace "ICannye" Edwards





         Rising Contemporary Christian Artist                                  

Working with Randy has been a great experience! He is very professional and timely with all of his matters! He truly works for the best interest of his clients. Randy is one of the most dedicated, trustworthy, and hardworking people in his field and anyone who gets the opportunity to have him represent them is truly blessed!

- Norris "EJ" Jackson

Nicole C. Mullen

Dove Award Winning

Contemporary Christian Artist


Songwriter & Urban Pop Recording Artist

Randy provided exceptional service to me, and exceeded my expectations as a client. He was able to get me media placements in a few well esteemed media outlets without having any recording contracts or publishing deals. Randy believes in the talent that that he lends his expertise to, and is willing to go above and beyond.

- Miranda Johnson


BET's Chasing Destiny